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How To Get 10x in Digital Marketing

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Cascading Web Design Marathons

When you participate in a fundraiser as either a supplier of a web design project, or you help connect business owners to the fundraiser, 10-20% of proceeds goto digital marketing after the marathon is over, with organizers and the non-profit at the forefront of the digital marketing campaign which will boost the ranking of those companies websites. Secondarily, supporters who supply a paid web design project, alongside 2Addicting Studios, benefit from being on the second degree of the digital marketing campaign which can also help rank those companies websites.

Let’s Say We Have Eight Business Owners Helping to Organize

They Each Supply Five Connections to The Fundraiser

Let’s say you are 1 out of 8 organizers that supply 5 connections that pay for a website design as part of the fundraiser. Everyone in this theory pays for the basic web design ($500) including yourself.

Now, let’s say 20% of the marathon’s proceeds is the amount decided to be used on digital marketing , decided by the non-profit and 2Addicting Studios. That’s $100 on every paid project.

The Math Simplified

Simplified 8 organizers x 6 supporters x $100 = $4800 which would be the digital marketing spend to help rank their websites, and secondarily may improve brand awareness.

This Scenario Yields 9.6x ROI in Digital Marketing

The Right Organizers and Connections Can Improve ROI

In this example you’re really only getting digital marketing paid for your business at a rate of 9.6x you investment but it can much higher than that with the right team of organizers and with the right connections in general.

The 2Addicting Studio – You Can Afford to Work With Us

Our prices are affordable and priced to be mutually beneficial for all supporters, the non-profits and 2Addicting Studios.

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Web Design Marathon Packages


  • Custom Website
  • 5-webpages
  • $75 per/page
  • Responsive
  • 50% profit to non-profit


  • Custom Website
  • 5-webpages
  • $250 per/page
  • Responsive/Interactive
  • Custom Mobile Version
  • 50% profit to non-profit


  • Custom Website
  • 5-webpages
  • $350 per/page
  • Responsive/Interactive
  • Mobile Version Included
  • 50% profit to non-profit