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Software & Mobile Apps – Design & Development

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About Our Software & Mobile App Development Service

Our partners are dedicated to the clients requirements and budget with end-to-end solutions. This means from the clients vision till completion, the project manager works with the client to make sure needs are met and priorities in the development cycle stages are met on time, meeting expectations.

Over 150 software products have been successfully completed with our partner network.

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The Owner is a prodigy inventor and innovator (an idea guy) and has exclusive insight into the future of the software and mobile app design/development industry. By becoming a customer you are welcome to gain VIP access to insider information in how businesses will make money online and how to compete – a head of the curve!

2Addicting Studios
2Addicting Studios

Startup your | Software & Mobile App Development Project

You can contact us anytime and one of our friendly project managers will respond as-soon-as-possible. We may be reached 24/7 after hours at +1 289-943-3934

The 2Addicting Software & Mobile App Studio You Can Afford to Work With

Our rates for software and mobile app design/development are $25 an hour with a minimum budget of $5000 CAD

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies. We are ready and willing to take on any project.

Future of web design, SEO, and software development - 2Addicting Studios

Scope of Expertise

We have expertise in following technologies and offering services in: Microsoft Based Technologies: ASP.net Core 1.0, ASP.net MVC 5, SignalR, Xamarin, SQL SERVER all Additions, DevExpress Third Party Controls, WPF/WCF, and Web Apis 2.0

We have expertise in Google Based Technologies: Android Development, Chrome Extensions, and Google Maps.

Our Apple Based Technologies expertise: IOS Development, and Swift Development|

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