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Design & IT Project Management

web design & software development - 2addicting
web design and development 2Addicting

Why Choose Us | Here is Why!

web design & development - 2Addicting Studios

Web Design & Development

  • With up to 10+ years of experience web design experience
  • Designers and web developers are fully capable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to our client’s  a website that performs perfectly inline with our clients vision
  • With clients spanning Ontario, Asia, Europe, and the United States; we are not your typical small business offering web design & development.
software & mobile app project management - 2Addicting Studios

Software Design & Development

  • Over 150 software products have been successfully completed with our partner network
  • Our partners are  dedicated to the clients requirements and budget with end-to-end solutions
  • From the clients vision till completion, the project manager works with the client to make sure needs are met
  • Priorities in the development cycle stages are met on time, meeting expectations.
search engine optimization experts - 2addicting

SEO Campaign Management

  • We have up to 10+ years of experience in SEO research, consultation, campaign management
  • With a full suit of SEO tools and over a decade of experience and knowledge, we can provide results within your budget
  • Whether you want to long haul an SEO campaign for longevity traffic and new customers
  • Or are looking for quicker yet unreliable gains (with white hat SEO) we are the the best studio to help you achieve your business goals.
2Addicting Studios

Startup your | Web Design, SEO, or Software Development Project

You can contact us anytime and one of our friendly project managers will respond as-soon-as-possible. We may be reached 24/7 after hours at +1 289-943-3934

Our Team | Hire Us!

2Addicting Studios

Luke (Fastpaced)

Owner – Lead Designer, Project Manager, and SEO Campaign Manager

Atif (Vector)

Project Manager

Sohanur (Solo)

Senior WordPress Developer

Anuj (Cereal)

SEO Team Manager

Scope of Expertise

We have expertise in web development such as various design technologies, programming languages, and open source technologies.

We also have skillsets involving Microsoft technologies, web 2.0 apis, Android development, and iOS/Swift development

We have expertise in search engine optimization, link building, lead funnels research & strategy, on-page SEO, competitor analysis & keyword research, and priority link acquisition.|


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