How to Optimize Your Website – Guidelines

Published: Category:website designWritten by: Luke Pierre Van Belleghem

Your website can be your number #1 advertising and marketing tool. It sometimes gives their website visitors the first, and possibly the only impression before making a decision. Website performance optimizations are best put into action.  You want success for your website and your business. I know you want enormous success, and one way is to optimize your website’s performance. How do I optimize my website? In this article, I have included a 14 point list you should follow. Use at your own discretion.  It will help your website in terms of performance and conversions. Keep in mind this is just a standard guideline whereas creativity and innovation in your website design projects may take paramount over some of these points.

Website Optimize Guidelines

1. Don’t force open windows, display bad pop-ups, or play disrupting media without permission

2. Improve websites’ credibility

3. Optimize your websites’ user flow

4. Reduce the users’ workload

5. Provide assistance to users when necessary

6. Minimize page download time

7 Warn of “Under Construction”

8. Display information in a directly usable format

9. Format information for reading and printing when applicable

10. Provide feedback when users must wait

11. Inform users of long download times

13. Do not require users to multitask while reading

14. Use users’ terminology in support documents



In the end, a method of Internet marketing with your website to attract more clients and improve conversions is to provide the best experience on your website. This can be done by optimizing your website accordingly.

Make your page “user friendly” make it easy to access and with short loading times, update frequently and communicate clearly, get a friendly staff that is happy to help and that is useful to your clients, this will make a difference and will leave more than a first impression, but will also leave a feeling of trust and brand loyalty that is more valuable than a couple of sales, increasing the chance of a repeat customer.


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