How Websites Gain Trust With Google

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How to gain trust with Google

SEO is complex. Many SEO ranking factors and penalties are hidden from plain sight. This has left many do-it-yourselfers and inexperienced SEOs suffering from delayed and even reduced ranking. Most people in business have heard of SEO but may not have dedicated the time and resources to understanding the proper methods and strategies to do SEO the right way, such as making your website gain trust with Google. Some business owners go the route of shortcut tactics called Black-Hat hacks SEO that ends up backfiring in the end.

SEO Tactics That Lose or Gain Website Trust With Google

Black-Hat Websites Fall from SERPS

When you black-hat SEO ranking strategy fails, your listing get penalized or even banned. Dropping down from on top of the monstrous Google SERPS to the wastelands where millions remain wasting away. Unnecessarily, some business owners fall.

With Proper SEO – Websites Gain Ranking and Visibility

When SEO is done correctly, utilizing the proper strategies and expertise, your website gains authority and trust, which elevates your webpages. Helping you gain ranking and improve visibility over time.

Proper SEO takes into account strategy, persistence, commitment, time, and effort. All of these are some factors that play a role in SEO.

Google’s Mission for SEO

Googles whole mission is to organize the world’s information to provide relevant search results when people search on its SERPS. It wants the best answers, great webpages, and experts at the top.

You Must Gain Trust With Google With SEO and Brand Awareness

You must gain Google’s trust and establish your website and brand as an authority. How do I gain authority and trust? By showing your expertise on your website/blog and gaining backlinks/mentions from trusted and authoritative websites. Especially you should seek backlinks from websites relevant to your business.

Trying to trick Google will only get you on Google’s bad side. Deceptive and Black-Hat tricks go hand in hand. This tends to annoy Google, or at least it used to. Now when Google notices a black-hat website, it just sends that website to the oblivions.

There Is No Simple Way To Do This

Getting a good reputation with Google is a monstrous undertaking. There is not one simple way to do this. It requires resources, proven strategies, dedication, commitment, and expertise. The better your reputation with Google, the earlier and longer you will remain in SERPS page #1 relevant to your keywords.

50% of clicks go to the first two organic listings in Google SERPS and 90% of users won’t go past the first page. This has been confirmed numerous times. If you aren’t appearing in first two positions or on the first page at all, there is a slim chance you will get any of that traffic.

Gaining Solid Reputation With Google Utilizing SEO Ranking Factors

Gaining Traffic, conversions, and revenue are some of the valuable benefits of gaining solid relevant ranking in Google. If you’re serious about these 3 things or have other reasons for ranking well, it’s best you find affordable SEO services that work. But for your information, we will go into each of the three SEO ranking factors you can pay attention to. For the sake of helping you become more informed.

SEO Ranking Factor #1 – Indexed Age

Just like when you meet someone for the first time, you wouldn’t blindly trust that person. Although that may not be the case, with Google it is. The age of the first indexation of pages on your website by Google has an effect on organic search ranking on SERPS. Indexed age isn’t as important as some other SEO ranking factors says Matt Cutts, but it still counts.

It usually takes time to trust someone, but this is the truth with Google. With the aging of your website will come trust. It can be built over time.

SEO Ranking Factor #2 – Authority

Authority is attained through the gathering of high-quality authority links from authority websites with relevant content. Also, the engagement between the company and its followers on social networking websites impacts ranking and authority of the website.

Some people think authority just comes from quantities of backlinks, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The hard cold truth is that fewer of harder to get backlinks from high authority websites can and often do outperform link building schemes. The reason for this is that they tend to focus on quantities of backlinks instead of the quality of those links. They want the quick and easy backlink which is often classified as spammy.

Backlink velocity and naturality of the link are considered by Google. The last thing you want your backlink profile to look like is spammy and unnatural. True SEO experts know this.

SEO Ranking Factor #3 – Content

Content is and always will be king. It always has been and it always will be. Unless you want to be a Black-Hat newb and fall from the SERPS you must realize that SEO requires creating high-quality and well-written copy that engages, insights, and will be shared amongst users.

Expert SEO focus on creating unique, compelling, high-quality and well-written content for client websites and blogs, then anchor it the web with the same quality content.

Content for the website, blog or web should contain the keywords you want to rank for; however, the copy should be made for humans, not search engines. Don’t overdo it.



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