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web design company with low fees and pricing

Low Design Fees. Affordable Monthly Fees.

5-pages pricing starts at $800 and ends there. After your site is launched. Pay only $80 per month. We have 1-year and 2-year terms.

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We Can Manage SEO. We Can Drive Traffic.

We have a network of seasoned professionals and business to offer SEO with account management done by us at competitive pricing.

web design company with low fees and pricing

High Quality Designs. Experienced Designers.

All our websites are responsive, interactive, and modern. We are experienced web designers with up to 10+ years in the industry.

experience web designers with emergency support

Questions? Contact Us Anytime!

You can contact us anytime and one of our friendly web designers will respond as-soon-as-possible. We may be reached 24/7 for emergencies through our help chat window.

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About Us

2Addicting (originally branded Addicting Weaver) has been servicing businesses all over the world since July 2016. Our affordable pricing and attractive web designs enable our clients invest more into their business because of our less upfront costs of our web design service.

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Finally a Web Design Company That Goes Above and Beyond!

You go above and beyond what people and your customers expect of you, it's time you hired a web design company that did the same as you do..

2Addicting websites can give your users the impression your business as greatly successful, expertly run, professional, consistant, competitive, creative, innovative, etc.

We Design Unique Websites - Utilizing Simple or Robust Graphics With Engaging Interactive Designs

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Unlimited Possibilities

Unique Design, Animation, and Graphics

I design memorable websites, utilizing unique and sometimes robust graphics, engaging animations, and creative design ability.

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